Cholesterol – lies, lies, lies and damn statistics

Cholesterol lowering drugs turn over in excess of $50billion every single year. They can only be prescribed by a medical doctor, so that is a lot of scripts.

Red rice yeast tablets – that were the original statin and work identically to the synthetic drugs are banned in Australia due to safety issues. But prescribed drugs turn magically safe ???? A scientific review questioned the safety aspect of the drugs and discovered that it reduced fatalities from heart attack from 9 to 8 people per 1000 who took the drugs for 12 months ( technically 11% improvement ) vs doing nothing. Same reviewing organisation reported CoQ10 helped heart health by only 3.67% in only 12 weeks. Conclusions can be drawn drugs = better result. Crap! In reality CoQ10 is 3670 times better !! As a BTW, heart surgery patients given CoQ10 pre and post surgery took 3-5 days recovery with low complications, those without, took 15-30 days with complications - 500% better ! That’s statistically accurate.