pH in the Muscles, Joints and Pain

Where the very acid forming Western diet goes, skeletal issues follow. Clinically I have found alkalising for an extended period helps with arthritic pain.

For the best prevention, don’t get acidic in the first place. For osteoporosis, acidity is the underlying cause. As calcium is an alkalising mineral, it gets used to adjust pH rather than re-mineralise bone – that’s why calcium only supplements tend to be ineffective in repair bone. World experts are also adopting this view as evidenced by the seminar – osteoporosis is a pH imbalance and magnesium deficiency. It goes without saying that gout ( caused by uric acid...) can be eliminated by creating the right pH. And finally excess acidity reduces muscle strength and contractibility, so the carb loading theory has also been thrown out. In a nutshell, understanding pH can make you feel HEAPS better and save a fortune in surgeries and drugs.