What do you get when you combine the most current scientific research and someone with a passion for health and natural medicine?

You start ‘Feeling Great Naturally’! -  the natural wellness clinic of Garry Borman.

Graduating with an Award for Clinical Excellence, Garry has qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutritional Medicine and has been in private practice for over 10 years, but his story begins long before that.

Having been involved in a car accident, Garry was left with daily pain and a growing intake of pain killers. Visits to specialists did not offer any hope and the only advice was that once the maximum dose of one drug was reached for the day, move to a different drug. It was obvious that this was not sustainable and the damage to the digestive system only became obvious later.  Garry’s journey with natural therapies began, and he is now dedicating his life towards helping others to overcome their ailments. He does this by correct diagnosis of the ‘real cause’, and prescribing the natural vitamins and minerals to allow your body to effectively heal itself.

Our clinic specialises in IBS and digestive issues, immune function, energy and fatigue, thyroid disorders as well as skin issues. Special interest areas cover elevated pyrroles as well as MTHFR genetic polymorphism and how we can naturally support people with these conditions.

When not seeing patients, Garry is actively

  • Researching and developing niche market products, some of which include joint pain, baby colic, IBS, reduced snoring and improved energy;
  • Undergoing further education and research;
  • Preparing and presenting to other practitioners;
  • Supporting other practitioners with complex cases;
  • Talkback radio with natural health segments, which Garry did for over 5 years.

The treatments we use depend on the individual and the conditions that trouble them. We use a combination of nutritional & herbal medicines and other scientifically proven therapies to return you to the state of health you are looking for.